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Create A Video

How Create A Video Works

  1. Create A Video provides a quality Canon digital camera for you to take pictures while on your trip. The camera (1 per motor coach or every 55 students/travelers) is shipped directly to your school or group HQ about two (2) weeks prior to departure. The cameras are equipped with a 256 MB memory card that holds as many as 250 pictures.
  2. Following your tour, the cameras are returned to Create A Video for processing and production using the pre-paid Priority Mail Box provided.
  3. Create A Video then ships the finished DVD’s/VHS back to your group in approximately 2 weeks or less.

Features and Benefits of Create A Video

  • Shows your groups travel experiences on a custom DVD using photos taken by the travelers with the camera(s) provided.(minimum of 15 required)
  • For music groups, your performance music can be used as the background music at no extra charge if provided on CD.
  • Provides the travelers and their families with a lasting memorable keepsake that can be enjoyed for years.
  • Teachers love how it reinforces the educational purpose of the trip.
  • Very economical -actually saves money on camera film and developing.
  • All photos used in each video are available for viewing on the Create A Video secure web page. The pictures can be e-mailed, printed, or downloaded for free.
  • Allow parents to share in their students travel experiences and see how their hard earned money was spent.
  • A free copy is provided to the school that can be used to help promote and recruit for next year’s trip. 

Just ask your account representative for more details.

To view a sample of create your own video click on the following link:

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